Kristen Happe L.Ac. DOM


Kristen Happe L.Ac. DOM

Kristen Happe


Kristen Happe is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of oriental medicine in her eleventh year of practice.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and business at the University of Pittsburgh then went on to study oriental medicine at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.

Graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Health Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine, Kristen has studied with elite acupuncture physicians from around the world. 

They include Dr. Li-Chun Huang in advanced auricular acupuncture, Dr. Richard Tan in pain treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and balance method, Dr. Yu Chen in I-Ching acupuncture, Dr. Susan Johnson in Tung’s style acupuncture and Dr. Tran Viet Dzung in obesity and mental disorders.


In 2006, she completed an intensive acupuncture internship at the PLA Army General Hospital in Beijing where she was able to see first-hand, the benefits of acupuncture on stroke, bell’s palsy and hemiplegia patients.

Giving patients back their mobility while watching a entire wing of a hospital devoted to acupuncture, qi gong and herbal medicine was life changing.  Practicing on patients, ages 2- 85, enforced how useful this therapy can be for everyone.  

Kristen is also an avid yoga fan, who’s keen on sharing her knowledge of how Chinese medicine can overlap with yoga and Ayurvedic principles. 

Six years ago, she started her experience with kundalini yoga. In pursuit of diversity, she added vinyasa yoga to her repertoire in 2014.



In the past 2 years, Kristen incorporated these two interests by developing monthly wellness crawls and acu/yoga workshops, showcasing the powerful benefits of both acupuncture and yoga.

Meditation is also a significant interest, as she encourages patients to adopt it into their daily routines. Unfamiliar with meditation's powerful effects? See what Harvard has to say. 


Treatment options

Private sessions and community acupuncture events.

Treatment options

Private sessions and community acupuncture events.


Allow for an hour of dedicated one on one time to go over your health history, get a complete understanding of what is going on and compile an acupuncture program tailored to your individual needs.    

Daytime availability: Tuesday - Friday.

Evening availability: Tuesday & Thursday.  

THE loft

Accommodates 1 or 2 people on massage tables.


THE Recliner room

Accommodates 1 or 2 people, perfect for those with mobility issues.

Whether you prefer to fly solo or come as a party of 2 (couple, parent/child, friends), we've got you covered. Both treatment spaces can fit two at a time.

Community style acupuncture events

Wellness Crawls and Corporate Acupuncture offer a sneak peek into acupuncture. They're a great way to see if acupuncture is right for you. Those seeking preventative care, use it as a way to keep their health up. Those looking to address specific health concerns who may be hesitant to start with private sessions, get to see what acupuncture feels like, in a group setting, at a reduced rate. From there, they can decide if a private appointment is right for them.


CORPORATE Wellness Program

Boosting their health, boosts your business! Want to bring acupuncture to your place of business or your local conference? Our community style, corporate wellness program, is a great way to get started.

Board rooms work particularly well for this type of treatment, as all we need are comfortable chairs and a large room.

Scheduled monthly or quarterly sessions are suggested.


Wellness crawls

Get social, get healthy and have a little fun at this unique event!

Acupuncture, Yoga and Eats, picking back up soon. Keep an eye out for it. Come curious and come hungry! 



Corporate Acupuncture, Wellness Crawls, ACU/YOGA Workshops, Acupuncture Classroom and other events are opportunities for us to work in larger groups, in a more informal manner. It's an occasion for us to share our dedication to health in exciting new ways.

Call (724) 884-5337 or use the email form below to schedule your private appointment, discuss corporate acupuncture opportunities or inquire about other group events. 


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