Corporate Acupuncture:

A happy employee is a healthy employee and vice versa. Creating a corporate culture that facilitates health is paramount. It leads to less sick days and higher productivity, both of which affect your bottom line.  

With community style corporate acupuncture, it's not only good for your health, it's great for your team.  Want to establish a more cohesive facility, a better teamwork mentality? Corporate acupuncture allows for a social connection among employees that encourages good health. It allows each employee to cheer the other on.

Let's face it, needles sound scary to most Americans. Although acupuncture needles are as fine as a human hair or whisker; you can barely feel them, the first acupuncture treatment may seem like a daunting task to undergo on your own. 

Community style acupuncture allows you to have that experience among fellow colleagues in a familiar environment, creating a support system and a sense of bonding. It's also great for your pocketbook!  



$35 per person. Minimum of 15 employees required to participate. Employers cover the cost of treatment in most instances. Arrangements can be made if employees prefer to incur the costs. Payment is due at time of service. Cash, Check and all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Treatment Options

  1. whole body tune-up (good for everyone)

  2. treatment for pain

How Often?

We recommend holding scheduled monthly or quarterly sessions at your place of business. We're also available for your yearly local conferences. Schedule an acupuncture break between sessions for rest and relaxation!


Board rooms work particularly well for this type of community style session, as all we need are comfortable chairs and a large room.

Employees can enter for a quick 30 minute treatment during the 1.5-3 hour window of time allotted for your particular business. 20-25 employees can be seen in a 1.5 hour time slot. Acupuncture is provided on the limbs. Please wear clothing we can roll up to the knees and elbows.


The Corporate Wellness Program offers a sneak peek into acupuncture's benefits. It's a great way to see if acupuncture is right for you.

Those seeking preventative care, use it as a way to keep their health up. Those looking to address specific health concerns, get to see what acupuncture feels like, in a group setting, at a reduced rate. From there, they can decide if more individualized, extensive treatment, through a private appointment, is right for them.

If I have health problems, how often should I do acupuncture?

Private parties or events:

Have you been a patient who’s always wanted to get your friends and family to try it? Do you have a group of people who would love one of our events, but can’t seem to find a time that matches up with their schedules to try it? Schedule a time for everyone to get together and have some fun in our Acupuncture Loft space.


1.) Schedule your own private ACU/YOGA Workshop. Minimum of 12 people required. Choose which workshop you’d like and we’ll put it together for you at a time of your choosing. Pricing per person is the same as the regular workshops.

2.) Schedule a group acupuncture session and have the choice of an overall body tune-up or a treatment for pain. Pricing is $35 per person. Minimum of 10 people required.

3.) Schedule a group Muditation. Yes, we said MUD-itation. Schedule your moor-peat mud pack detox session in a group meditation atmosphere. Listen to a group guided meditation while you soak your feet in an herbal foot bath, after a 10 minute mud therapy session on the feet. Pricing is $35 per person, Minimum of 10 people required.

(How it works: Your skin is your largest organ. What you put on it goes into systemic circulation. That is why you should almost be as mindful of what you put on your skin, as what you put into your mouth. The wet mud/herbal mixture, when placed on the feet, creates an osmotic pulling effect, encouraging the system to flush toxins out. The negatively charged ions of the mixture attract toxins, primarily stored as positively charged ions in the body, pulling them to the skins surface and encouraging their removal from the body.)


Acupuncture loft space.