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Seasonal Workshop

April 28, 2018


Watch acupuncture and yoga overlap in this beautiful, Spring seasonal combo. Prepare to feel refreshed! Join Elisabeth and Kristen for a unique ACU/YOGA fusion experience. 

The ACU/YOGA seasonal series is designed to be informative, interactive and relaxing. During this workshop we'll discuss how Spring affects our body, as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We'll then explore this connection further through yoga, acupuncture and meditation.

 During the first hour, Elisabeth Sawich will lead you through a series of yoga postures designed for Spring to promote health and healing in the liver and gallbladder system.

The second hour, Kristen Happe L.Ac will use a series of acupuncture points on the arms, legs, hands and feet, to further balance that system while she discusses how this seasonal change affects our bodies. We'll end with a guided group meditation. 


Parking: Please fill the driveway first, then street, then you may park at the library lot and walk up a block.

(Once capacity is reached we will be unable to accommodate additional walk-ins)


512 Beechwood Avenue

Carnegie, PA 15106

512 beechwood

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that you can do yoga in. We will need to access your elbows and just below your knees so please wear leggings or sweats and shirts that can be rolled up. Thank you!



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We look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely in health,

Kristen & Elisabeth