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Goddess legends have long inhabited the human imagination and spirit, representing the eternally feminine qualities that pattern women's lives. Each goddess story is different, just as each goddess is unique. Each has characteristics, both positive and challenging.

In the Goddess Series of workshops we’ll focus on recognizing the challenging, and activating the positive characteristics of each archetype, within ourselves. Which archetypes do you resonate with? Which ones you would like to further develop in order to bring more balance into your life? The spirit of the goddess legends, often help us to recognize the patterns we see repeated in our lives that we may want to change.

Find the goddess within.


Go within

“ When I am silent I have thunder hidden inside.” Rumi

“Only in the darkness, can you see the stars.” MLK Jr.

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” Rumi

“Your life is magic. The clearer you get, the more you notice.”

In this workshop we will focus on winter and lecture on the goddesses: Hekate, Kali and Morrigan.

Winter represents a time of stillness and going within. It is the face of death, and strips everything to its bare essentials. Winter teaches us that not everything will, or should, be renewed and transformed in the spring. At this time, there is no outward growth, just the potential of where newness can begin, once the warmth of spring returns. 

The goddesses of winter help us to review our lives with fierce courage. They teach us to shed the things, patterns and behaviors, that no longer serve us. They show us strength in the face of adversity. Let these archetypes show you the magic of the wise woman within.

At this workshop, start with an in depth lecture on the goddesses of study. Their mantra and mudra will be given alongside the mystical story of their creation. The yoga sequence to follow is designed to celebrate and explore the strength within. The acupuncture treatment is for relaxation and connecting the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of self. A mystical journey through meditation with Mala beads follows, with time given for reflection and journaling.

What to know and bring:

Please wear or bring a tank top, U-neck or V-neck shirt. Needles will be on the front of the body as you lay back in zero gravity chairs. Bring your yoga mats if you have them. If you have a Mala that you would like to use for the workshop, please bring it with you.

What is a Mala?

If you do not have a Mala or wish to buy a new one:

We have partnered with Silver and Sage to bring you meaningful and beautiful Mala’s with precious gemstones. We have 2 malas left for purchase they can be chosen with your ticket purchase.


Workshop Location:

Kristen Happe L.Ac DOM Acupuncture

512 Beechwood Avenue

Carnegie, PA 15106

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