• Indigo Yoga Loft (map)
  • 1840 Mayview Road Suite 206
  • Bridgeville, PA 15107
  • United States

Join us, at Indigo Yoga Loft and as they host our Yin Yang Edition, ACU/YOGA Workshop!

Saturday, September 22, 2018: 11:30am-1:30pm

Acupuncture & Yoga fusion workshop. 


Yin and Yang are fundamental concepts in Chinese Medicine. They're opposites, but also complementary and interdependent forces, present throughout nature. All aspects of the natural world can be seen as having a dual nature. For example, day and night, light and dark, movement and stillness, hot and cold etc... 

The nature of yin-yang is not absolute, but rather, relative. Under certain conditions, yin may transform into yang and vice versa. It is also true that any phenomenon may be divided infinitely into its yin and yang parts.

Learn more about this concept as, Jill Sansom, RYT200 leads you through a yin (passive) and yang (dragon flow), yoga class.

During the second hour of the workshop, you'll receive a tailored acupuncture treatment to balance both yin and yang aspects of the body, as Kristen Happe, L.Ac., further discusses yin-yang theory with you. We'll end with a guided meditation and follow-up with a quick Q&A session, for those interested.

What to bring and wear:

Please wear yoga/exercise clothing that can be rolled up to the elbows and knees. This session is non-heated. Bring your yoga mat and a water bottle to stay well hydrated. 

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