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Back pain or not, this one is for all of you.

Learn how to stretch and strengthen your back with yoga. Then, balance it with acupuncture.

The back and spine are weak spots for many of us, but even if it’s not for you, this combination class will give you the tools to stretch, strengthen and keep this area in tip top shape. If you’ve never done yoga or tried acupuncture before, this is a great way to try both modalities in a fun and supportive group environment. If you’re seasoned in both, that’s perfect too. You’ll know what to expect.

The first hour, Kate Olson, E-RYT, of Lakeview Yoga, will guide you through a yoga sequence designed to support spine health and flexibility. This unique class is for those with back injuries or people who want to strengthen their backs safely. Gentle and therapeutic by nature, this class will focus on core strength, body posture, alleviating neck and back pain and lengthening and decompressing the spine. This class is suitable to everyone. The second hour, Kristen Happe, L.Ac., will give you an acupuncture treatment for back pain and/or spinal health. She’ll send you home with a few acupressure points to use at home, so that you can continue to support this area as often as you desire.

What to know and bring:

Please wear yoga clothes that we can roll up to your knees and elbows for your acupuncture treatment. Please also bring your yoga mats and water bottles to stay well hydrated.


Location: Lakeview Yoga

501 Valleybrook Rd. Suite 101

McMurray, PA 15317


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